Kayaking Terminology

One of the things that may overwhelm newcomers to the sport is some of the boating and kayaking terminology. Following is a list of the most important boating and kayaking terminology: General Boating Bow – The front of the boat Stern – The back of the boat Hull – The bottom of the boat Deck

Protecting Your Cell Phone While Kayaking

Many new kayakers may question whether or not to take their phone on a trip. While a boating trip can provide a great chance to disconnect from life’s constant distractions and connect with nature, there are several good reasons for bringing a phone. For many, wanting to have a camera to capture some memories of

Fixing Dent or Crease in Kayak Hull

Dents or creases in the hull of your Kayak from rough terrain or improper storage are definitely not something a paddler is happy to see. However worry not, because there are quite a few methods fellow boaters have found that can remove the damage and have you back on the water in no time. Below