Kayaking for Fitness

Out of all of the outdoor activities to take up for fitness, Kayaking can be very rewarding. First we look at how good of a workout kayaking is, then some of the more specific health benefits – for both physical and mental well-being. Is kayaking a good workout? First it is important to define a

Safe Water Temperature for Kayaking

As the spring approaches, it is important to know when conditions will be safe again for kayaking. Although possible to kayak whenever water temperatures are above freezing, it is definitely not safe yet for typical recreational kayaking. It is necessary to check the water temperature for the body of water you plan to paddle in.

Types of Kayaks

There are many different types of kayaks for all levels of experience and paddlers looking for any type of experience. We’ve listed out here some of the most popular types and advice for choosing the type that makes the most sense for your interests. Please let us know in the comments what type you paddle

Mosquito Lake State Park (Ohio)

This man-made reservoir in Trumbull county Ohio is one of the largest lakes in the state and offers boating, fishing, hiking, and even snowmobile trails. The 2000 plus acre lake consists of woodlands and marshes that are home to a vast array of wildlife. The reservoir helps prevent the upper Ohio river from flooding as

Storing Your Kayak

Kayaking has become one of the most common sports and has been gaining popularity. However, when you own a beautiful kayak, you want to keep it in its shiny pristine condition for as long as possible. You would want it to have a long life so that you could enjoy the sport for as long

Pymatuning Reservoir & State Park

Lake Pymatuning is a seventeen thousand acre reservoir that lies along the Ohio-Pennsylvania border with access from both states. This man made reservoir was created between 1931 and 1934 when frequent flooding and difficulty utilizing the swamp like conditions for farming caused local decision makers to damn the Shenango river. This created the largest lake

Kayaking Terminology

One of the things that may overwhelm newcomers to the sport is some of the boating and kayaking terminology. Following is a list of the most important boating and kayaking terminology: General Boating Bow – The front of the boat Stern – The back of the boat Hull – The bottom of the boat Deck

Protecting Your Cell Phone While Kayaking

Many new kayakers may question whether or not to take their phone on a trip. While a boating trip can provide a great chance to disconnect from life’s constant distractions and connect with nature, there are several good reasons for bringing a phone. For many, wanting to have a camera to capture some memories of

Fixing Dent or Crease in Kayak Hull

Dents or creases in the hull of your Kayak from rough terrain or improper storage are definitely not something a paddler is happy to see. However worry not, because there are quite a few methods fellow boaters have found that can remove the damage and have you back on the water in no time. Below